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Poetic etymologies (I). Friendship and Poetic Justice

Poetic etymologies describes an hermeneutic approach to intercultural homophones, not necessarily linked by historiographic nexuses but certainly connected through meaning, in a poetic sense at least.

Well, this is not Goethe's World Literature, although it aims in that direction. As well as Poetry is the essence of WL, words are at the very core of it all, and it is through words and personal friendship that different cultures will be linked here.


1. "Two friends; you". Dos, Doost, Du

Spanish "dos", meaning 'two', the symbolic.   "Dos": 'Two something'

Persian "doost", meaning 'friends', the poetic. "Doost": 'Two souls'

German "du", meaning 'you', the philosophical. "Du": 'Implicit two'. You, the other; not me. 

DOS/DOOST/DU you; two; friends

2. "Give justice". Dad, Daad

Spanish "dad", meaning 'give', plural imperative. "Dad y os será dado"; Luke 6:38 'Give and it shall be given unto you'

Persian "daad", meaning '(he/she) gives', third person singular present tense; Ray Charles 'When she gives you her kiss...'

"Daad" meaning also (poetic Persian) a call, a yawn, and also 'Justice'.

DAD/DAAD To call for justice and to give it. Justice as a call and justice as the act of giving. Also, the imperative mandate of giving as the metaphoric core of justice; Give -and your call shall be heard. A karma like theophanic sense of Justice.


Chema Nieto


References: Persian Figures in German Letters

Images: Wolfanita, at DeviantArt (First Image (original link): Cultural Exchange / Second Image (original link): Poetic Justice

Wolfanita's Cultural Exchange text: "I know the dwarves behave extrangely, but now we have the chance to enrichen our own minds with new points of view... EREBOR! DURIN! ... I'm not so sure this view has enriched me"