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Hypnosis and Digital Warts

Single Case Report of adjunctive hypnosis in the treatment of digital warts

by Chema Nieto, MD


Encouraging evidence demonstrates the efficacy of hypnosis within psychotherapy in the treatment of warts of different locations and severity (Lankton S. 2007, Goldstein R.H. 2005, Shenefelt P.D. 2000, Noll R.B. 1994, Ewin D.M. 1992, Spanos N.P. et al 1990, Chandrasena 1982, Dreaper R. 1978).

The present case reports the cure of digital warts after a single psychotherapeutic session with hypnosis. Other than the brevity and efficacy of treatment, this case is significant for the utilization of patient’s own pre-hypnotic visual images of self-cure and for patient’s original use of auto-hypnotic exercises, ruling out the possibility of spontaneous remission. The low suggestibility of this patient will lead to a final discussion on suggestibility and susceptibility scales. Some promising trends in the psychotherapeutic treatment of warts are suggested.

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Chema Nieto (2009). Single case report of adjunctive hypnosis in the treatment of digital warts. Hipnológica 1, 38-41